From the nocturnal consciousness of human experience manifests a chthonic shadow current of Gnosis which exists in opposition to most orthodox forms of religion and spirituality. Exalting the soul over the spirit, the pandaemonium of Life over escapist transcendence this counter-tradition is known as Kosmic Gnosis.

Ours are the paths of the Circle, the Cults of Acheron and the Great Black Mother which teach the mysteries of the ageless cyclical flow of telluric Life and whose adepts know and live the eternal return of the primordial Origin (Ur-igin).

Enslaved by a God who is only Once, Mankind finds itself lost in a de-souled world, experienced as a prison. The laws of the spirit have subjugated the sacred world of a continuously pulsing Becoming under the yoke of sterile concepts and the dictatorship of the rational and quantifiable.

The Kosmic Gnostic strives to re-unite the ensouled biocentric Kosmos, home of daemonic, enthusing powers, with the isolated human Life through magical conjuration and fulfillment in esoteric ecstasis. The resulting primordial Ur-experiences shatter the dominance of the spirit, reigning in the profane ‘I-dentity’, and return the seeker to the homeland of the soul. Dying to the false reality and profane cosmos, the antinomian visionary resurrects in the World of Powers, the true Kosmos and Reality. Pregnant with the World, he frees from Things and Man the incarcerated God and gives birth to a Universe at every step he takes.

Due to the initiatic nature of our current, information on these webpages will be limited.