La Société Voudon Gnostique (S.V.G.) is an international Vodou Secret Society. Emerging from the most esoteric dimensions of Haitian and African Gnosis, our cultus manifests the powers of Les Mystères through the ecstatic mating of Man and pandaemonic All. Our entire mystical and magical Life is devoted to the manifestation, experience and extension of a primordial reality known in our Gnosis as the Kingdom of Kalunga.

As we operate essentially in secrecy and without interest in publicity we shall limit ourselves to only a few further words.

We recognize a dangerous and ongoing spiritual conflict in the world as elaborated by Docteur David Beth in his work. In accord with all genuine Afro-centric traditions, our modus operandi is deeply connected to the sacred mystical space created between parent and child, teacher and student. Within this bond of power all advanced esoteric seeds are planted and all initiation is given. Our alchemical work aims towards a profound inner restoration of the soul and reconnection to the World of Powers. This rebirth in the three rivers of Kalunga provides the basis for advanced esoteric and magical teachings and initiation. These will enable the individual to manifest an ecstatic personal experience of Life while asserting himself in a hostile environment fraught with dangers.

We have a selected international membership on all continents and are connected to each other through an esoteric spider web of magical energies and initiatic transmissions.

Founded by a Houngan Asogwe of Haitian Vodou, our Société Secrète rests on the foundations of Haitian esotericism fused with the principles of the Kosmic Gnosis but is further empowered by various African streams of esotericism. Amongst them are a tradition of Nigerian Juju and an Angolan-Kongo transmission of the mysteries of Kalunga.

Due to the advanced and complex nature of our work, potential membership in the Société is possible only through a rigorous probationary period.