La Société Voudon Gnostique (S.V.G.) is an international body of Voudon Bokors, working in an initiatory context. Emerging from the most primordial dimensions of Haitian and African Gnosis, our Cultus manifests the powers of Les Mystéres through the ecstatic sorcerous mating of Man and pandaemonic All.

In accord with all genuine Afro-centric traditions, our modus operandi is deeply connected to the sacred mystical space created between parent and child, teacher and student. Within this bond of power all advanced esoteric seeds are planted and all initiation is given: During our Katabasis the shared red flesh and black bones of Ghuedhe become an armor of protection and ignite as a sanguine flame, illuming our crooked path within a dangerous alchemical labyrinth.

Anchored into this student-teacher relationship is a strong emphasis on individual research and investigation into the World of Powers as well as the creative expression of experience arising from the primordial encounter. Operating freely beyond all notions of orthodoxy, our work is organized in power zones and lairs of individual sorcerers connected to each other through an esoteric spider web of magical energies and initiatic transmissions.

Our Gnosis is fed by a variety of Afro-centric currents which have been incorporated into our Société. Amongst these are found the complete transmission of a Haitian Zobop as well as indigenous African magical traditions such as a Nigerian Juju and an Angolan-Kongo Nganga cultus.

Due to the advanced and complex nature of our work, membership in the Société is possible only through a rigorous probationary period.