The Fraternitas Borealis is a closed group of initiates working with the principles of the Kosmic Gnosis utilizing unique tools specific to its lineage and current.

Opposing the laws and nature of a corrupt, de-souled cosmos, our antinomian Gnosis shatters the enslaving sovereignty of the One-God. Experiencing Life through Night-consciousness, we resurrect the divine ensouled Kosmos not in an illusionary transcendence beyond the world of phenomena but through their nimbus and aura. Orientated towards the North as the seat of the most elemental and chthonic powers, ours is the pathway of the Soul.

We can be considered Heathen or Pagan in the sense that we turn back towards the telluric primordial experience and believe in the supra-personal ever-becoming reality of the glowing moment; thus we fundamentally reject any attempt to return to or revive a ‘religion of the past’ – in a world of ever-becoming, nothing can and will ever return in previous shape and form.

Our paganism manifests a primordial experience of the pandaemonic Kosmos, a mating of Man and All. Consequently we fully oppose any prejudice against race or gender. The aristocracy of the Soul is composed of the rare individuals who can re-activate the essential Life of the Ur-cell and re-instate the primordial unity of Psyche-Flame-Rush.

Our work is directed by Hochmeister David Beth.