The Kosmic Gnostic meta-current draws upon a vast body of teachings in theory and practice developed by David Beth over the past decades on the basis of various spiritual initiatic transmissions and streams of esoteric Gnosis. Based on a complete revaluation of the nature of reality and its intrinsic powers, this antinomian Kosmic Gnosis manifests the return to the primordial Origin and the supra-personal reality of the glowing moment.

Only from the ensuing experience of night-consciousness are born magical incantations, sorcerous words and conjurations of true power which otherwise would neither originate in nor receive feeding from the daemonic spheres. Ur-sounds resonate in the soul of the Night-visionary and are then weaved into a seducing mélange of symbolic words of magical potency which will always transcend ratio and will withstand the analytical onslaughts of the profane.

Rather than constituting a classical esoteric system of its own, the Kosmic Gnosis is being manifested in a variety of appropriate pathways emerging from true initiatory traditions with inherent primordial and non-monotheistic roots. Having recognized the validity of the Kosmic Gnosis, the leaders of these esoteric streams have accepted its principles and, due to their initiatic status within their original religions, have rightfully reformed their traditions adjusting theory and practice in accord with the inner teachings of pandaemonic Kosmicism. Each Kosmic pathway thus also retains full spiritual and esoteric integrity and authority within their original religious and Gnostic environment. The leaders of these Kosmic traditions are all private chelas of Hierophant David Beth and members of the inner Kosmic circle which is where the secret keys to unlock the final gates of the primordial pathways are given in the form of special instructions and initiatic transmissions.

Affiliated Groups

Various spiritual currents have accepted the esoteric principles of the Kosmic Gnosis. Amongst these are:

La Société Voudon Gnostique
(Secta Rouge Voudon)

Ecclesia Gnostica Aeterna
(Sacramental Kristo-pagan Gnosticism)

Fraternitas Borealis

Choronzon Club
(unaffiliated to other groups of the same name, Western Left Hand)

The Fiends of Aiwass
(Thelema of the Left Hand)

Quimbanda de Angola
(Brasilian cultus)

While some of these groups prefer to work in a strictly private and closed environment, others maintain a limited public presence.

Due to the initiatic nature of our current, information on these webpages will be limited.